in NYC this week

11:32 PM

ok, so my first blog. I'm in NYC this week for the International Photo Expo conference, and this is me after my second 10-hour day there. I'm feeling great: haven't eaten a full meal today, going from seminar to expo floor, to seminar to seminar. I have three more avenues until Penn station and 2 of my band-aids have slipped that cushion my blisters. -minor annoyances. It's as if it just wouldn't be New York City if there weren't little challenges tapping your shoulder {rather, feet}. Positive and inspired about all that I'm soaking in here, I'm anxious to get back to my sister's house in BK for some q.t.. and t.l.c.

Tonight I start pulling together my midterm. My Concept: Each day waxes and wans varying emotions. I've narrowed down six that I most commonly feel: Inspired, Disappointed, Thoughtful, Uncertain, Sexy and Confident. Using props like clothing, considering color and texture, accessories, gestures, myself + my twin as models, I will collage these emotions using cut polaroids; symbolizing the two sides of me that deal with the emotions every day. I will create self-portraits that are half me and half T :)

The project may evolve around these parameters, but that's the jist of it. I'll have to pick up some more polaroid film on the way back to Brooklyn..

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