Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Featured Photographer | Photoshelter | Bay Area Commercial Fashion Photography

I'm honored that leading photography website provider Photoshelter, has asked to feature my Beam portfolio site on their Examples page with other inspiring photographers.

If you are reading this post and searching for a photography website, you will love Photoshelter. Aside from looking, loading and performing better than any other templates out there, your image licensing, pricing and delivery options are fully customizable and endless -- making for some happy clients.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Blackphone | Commercial Lifestyle Photography | Bay Area LifestyleAdvertising Photographer

This past Spring I was hired by a local ad agency to create some photography for a brand new mobile product called Blackphone. Blackphone was to be the first truly "private" phone. In other words, undetectable and your data is incapable of being intercepted by anyone or anything. It has it's own private OS. You can read more about how awesome this phone is here - Blackphone is already in Wikipedia.

The agency wanted a collection of believable and relatable lifestyle images of the Blackphone -- product shots and lifestyle imagery showing the phone being used in public yet feeling private. We hired on 4 actors to shoot in 3 scenarios/ locations. I worked closely with the creative director to conceptualize the shots and timeline, working with best time of day at each location for most interesting light to work in. I also provided some product shots from my studio.

Below is a mixture of my favorite shots along with those already being used on the Blackphone website and in online advertising. These images and more will be releasing in the global market over a 3 year period of time across online and print mediums, keep an eye out! Special thanks to our our awesome talent, photo assistants Beata Pevny and Michelle Greer, and agency siberia for bringing me on for this. It was a smooth collaboration, an easy success and a lot of fun!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Carlo Rossi Memorial Day ads | Advertising Photographer

A few months ago, I was commissioned by local ad agency to shoot Memorial Day ads for Carlo Rossi. Working with agencies is the best. A real collaborative effort and everyone knows what they're doing. Odysseus Arms is always extra refreshing to work with-- As usual they have the shoot concepts mostly prepared, and send over a small team to my studio to prep, style and facilitate direction. We work well together and their final touches to the photographs always look spot on.