the old Washington Packing Co.. a huge sense of Loss

1:21 PM

Washington Packing Corp. in San Francisco, an abandoned Tuna Cannery that shuttered due to a nation-wide botulism pandemic, which?killed two women in 1963.

Says Time Magazine: “No one has ever revealed where Washington Packing’s processing went wrong. But the plant remains shut, and though only a few cans were ever infected with botulism, all of Washington Packing’s stock was confiscated by the Government and summarily buried?in a well-publicized move?beneath ten tons of garbage in a dump next to San Francisco’s Candlestick Park.” The Bay Area has had many such grand structures in its time, but thanks to Dot-Com redevelopment, gentrification, and stringent earthquake codes, some of our most beautiful structures are going to the wrecking ball.?

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