To the beautiful people of Haiti | Earthquake relief art fundraiser

2:08 AM

With the epically horrible news that keeps coming out of Haiti, I wanted to share some beauty. I made these images during one of my visits in 2006. These were taken on the island, 'Ille A Vache'. I keep wondering how those boys are doing.  .. if they made it. .. . ... ....

I am organizing a fundraiser event. -Exact day and time, and number of artists contirbuting: TBA (but very soon).

CALL TO ARTISTS !!  :painters, illustrators, photographers.. we are collecting donations of your artwork this week. Please email me if interested in being a contributor. Event will be held @ the LOWER HATERS GALLERY :597 Haight St, in SF. An installation of images from Haiti is currently hanging.  .. swing by and check them out!

All we can do, is what we can. . If you just can't wait until the fundraiser, or maybe just feeling generous, I hear that Doctors Without Borders is a good one to donate to- (as far as most of your actual donation gets to Haiti in real life) 

"Ou kapab bay piti" 
-you can give a little  ;*)

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