Art benefit for HAITI details

3:42 PM

Hello everyone!

I'd like to invite you to this fantastic art benefit for Haiti this Saturday night.

I spent some time shooting a photo-documentary in Haiti back in 2006, so it is very personal for me to do whatever I can to help. In talking to some of my artist friends here in SF, come to find out there's a LOT we can do! The night will go something like this: Live artist PETE DOOLITTLE will do his thing painting his characters in layers on recycled victorian windows. If you haven't seen his work, this is a must-see. -he's brilliant! he's even inspired Pixar to mimic his style of robot in WALL-E . IAN ROSS will work his magic bringing to life 2 - 3 canvases exploding with energy and color. He specializes in the live-art scene as well as creating huge murals. -LOVE his work.  SAN FRANPSYCHO, no joke! will be there as well, donating t-shirts and throwing their usual live-screen-printing party! (so bring a tee for them to tag for ya) These bunch of surf-guys are so creative and fun, it's a party in itself! SIERRA NEVADA is donating a ton of beer to ensure our good time lasts, as there will be raffles throughout the night @ the LOWER HATERS gallery in the Lower Haight. There will also be a live-body-painter RAZIA on the scene to step it up one more notch, as well as donated artworks signed by famous Upper Playground artist MARS-1, PETE DOOLITTLE, and original photography taken in Haiti by myself.  djs ROMANOWSKI, SIMILAK CHILD, and OAKLAND FADERS  ENKI and PLATURN are all gracious enough to provide the party vibes for the nighti

All proceeds will go to CARE, a non-profit that focuses on educating women in third-world countries as a solution to bringing them out of poverty. Having spent time in Haiti, I've seen how out of balance the country is. CARE believes that empowering women is the key to fighting poverty. I agree strongly with this philosophy and feel that our donations will be used wisely.

In focusing on how we as artists can help in such unfortunate times, it naturally occurred to me to put together a fun event that will not only raise money, but provide a good time for everyone involved, and make some beautiful art to take away from the experience. Please come and share the night with us!!

when & where:
Saturday, FEB 27 from 7 - 11+ (please be @ least 21)
@ the LOWER HATER GALLERY 597 Haight St @ Steiner
*the Lower Haters Gallery is soo San Francisco. -edgy, artistic, supportive and innovative. I'm very thankful for their friendship and support*


As artists, we can help. After all, we are the creative thinkers that inspire all the others ;) I will be throwing more events like this throughout the year. If you're feeling the urge to be helpful and be involved in the future, let's connect at the event on Saturday!

hope to see you there! best wishes,
~chrissy lynn

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