It's on!!

2:33 PM

There is a ton of information at our disposal. With the expansive world wide web, I feel as though my marketing dollars drain and I really don't understand if I'm reaching my target audience. I decided to research a few of those "deal" companies that are hot right now to see if that would be a beneficial means to market. -well it is. Buy With Me for instance, is like gauraunteed advertising. They run a promotion that you build with their sales team, for one week reaching tens of thousands of people. Some people will be intrigued and purchase the deal, some won't, but your ad is being seen. The merchant has nothing to lose. 2 weeks after the deal closes, Buy With Me cuts a check for the merchant's agreed upon percentage, and the the merch has to manage their booked up calendar! -it's win win!!

These are confused economic times that we live, and require creative business decisions. Here's a promotion that I'm running with my wedding photography agency Lovebirds.

My ad has been up for one day and 5 packages have already sold... it's on!

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