UPDATE- Chrissy Lynn Photography is rebranding

1:39 AM

Doing business independently in a busy city like San Francisco can be a great hustle. At times the projects pile up so high, there is no time to breathe. Other times, they're so vague I'm left very confused and wondering why I've chosen this path in life. Above it all, I am a photographer through and through. If anything, I love what I do way too much, and shoot tooo many things.

I've been shooting my whole life. Freelancing since 2001, and shooting full time since 2010. I didn't have a 'marketing plan',  I just got out there and got busy, and have been busy -overwhelmed at times! 
I'm at a point in my career, where my "style" is much more defined photographically. I'm getting the quality of lifestyle jobs and clients I want to be working with; collaborating with great creatives.. I'm writing and teaching my own class even! Change is good.

I'd like to introduce my new logo! It's more me than I've ever been able to create. I'll be updating across all platforms and websites, so if you see any of the old stuff still up that I may have missed, 
drop me a note! I'm chrissylynnphoto@gmail.com

Thank you Treemarie Creations out of Brooklyn NY for being an absolute rock start creative and designing the perfect logo for me!!

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