last night in SF..

11:32 AM

Usually my photo-energy is taken up in a shooting a job or a project, and I rarely just take pictures for fun anymore. So last evening I took my dog and camera for a walk and was mystified by this beautiful scene from Buena Vista Park as the sun was setting..

I also revisited a place that inspired me to make a picture a couple years ago about a girl saying goodbye to religion. There's something about this place: a rickety old church that hundreds of people pass everyday as they take the train to and from.. How often it changes from quiet and calm to busy and transit.. the way these trees have been blown crooked by a lifetime of wind.. It captivates me. I've enjoyed many a cup of coffee sitting here watching how this area changes throughout the days and nights.

And this is the image I created back in december 09 that was inspired by this place:

Thanks for letting me share. Have a fantastic day!

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